At CrawfordSchools™ we believe in education without fear, where good citizenship, leadership and sportsmanship are developed by placing emphasis on the needs of every child.

We would like to welcome you to the growing community of families that believe in the value of a Crawford education. Crawford graduates are well rounded, confident and apply the education and life skills with which they have been equipped.

In the Spotlight
  • Top Independent School in Gauteng
    Top Independent School in Gauteng

    CrawfordSchools™ is synonymous with academic excellence and at no time is this more evident than at the release of the Matric results every year. Once again, the Matric

  • Open Day 2016
    Open Day 2016

    KwaZulu-Natal   Crawford College La Lucia (Grade 8 – 12), 11 February 2016, 17h30 for 18h00   CrawfordSchools™ North Coast (Age 2 – Grade 12), 4 & 5

  • Assessments

    CrawfordSchools™ has a panel of professional educators who constantly evaluate examinations written by the CrawfordSchools™ candidates.

  • Co-curricular Activities

    At CrawfordSchools™, we provide the opportunity for pupils to participate in as many different activities as possible. This fulfills a vital educational function, and adds to the all-round development of our students.

  • Uniforms

    CrawfordSchools™ has a “multiform” that encourages individuality. By offering options within the uniform, students can mix and match the casual uniform daily, allowing for freedom of expression within acceptable boundaries.

  • Discipline

    An underpinning value of a Crawford Education is “education without fear.” By implication this means that a positive and nurturing environment exists in our schools, where individuality and mutual respect are promoted.

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