Co-Curricular Activities

At CrawfordSchools™, we provide the opportunity for pupils to participate in as many different activities as possible. This fulfils a vital educational function, as active participation adds to the all-round development of our students. Co-Curricular activities are expected to be both a satisfying and a growing experience, and the key to success is the obvious enjoyment of the activity.


Team play, leadership and sportsmanship are developed through two categories of the sport. The first category of traditional, competitive sports includes such activities as swimming, tennis, soccer, rugby, cricket, hockey, golf, water polo, squash, volleyball, rowing and athletics. Students are offered sports appropriate to their age and “mini” versions are played in the Foundation Phase.

The second category of ‘enrichment’ sports teaches our students that there is more to life than beating the opposition. Companionship, teamwork, social interaction and self-fulfillment are experienced through participation in activities such as scuba diving, horse riding, water skiing, rock climbing, archery, fencing and clay-pigeon shooting. Selection varies according to the demand at each campus.

Professional sports coaches are employed to assist with the training and preparation of sports teams and many Crawford campuses excel in sporting disciplines. In 2006, CrawfordSchools™ had 160 provincial and 40 national representatives flying the Crawford flag in the sporting arena.

An indication of the popularity and importance of sports at CrawfordSchools™ is that, although not compulsory, approximately 90% of Preparatory School pupils and 80% of College students participate in some form of sporting activity.

Cultural Programme

Cultural enrichment is at the very heart of the CrawfordSchools™ ethos. It is built into the school curriculum and is also offered as a range of extra-mural options. This is to ensure that each pupil leaves our schools as a self-assured, confident,  independent and well-rounded individual. Children are encouraged from an early age to express themselves through drama, music, art, public speaking, debating and dance.

Schools participate in various festivals and competitions and many Crawford students have gone on to achieve success in the fields of art, drama and music. Further activities such as photography, musical productions, play festivals, video clubs and many more are available at various campuses depending on the demand.