The Colleges

What does support of the individual mean?

Understanding teachers who are mentors that share dreams and visions?

Extra tuition for each student who requests it,  offered to each student whom the teacher believes is in need of support?

Enhancing lessons through up-to-date technology that provide skills relevant to the 21st century?

Additional support for dancers, swimmers, tennis players, gymnasts and any other student who excels and travels so that no student ever falls behind?

Group support for students approaching tests and examinations so that no question is left unconsidered?

Teachers of absolute dedication and skill who believe in the talents of all their charges? Teachers who know what their students are thinking?

Our teachers understand their students. They understand the pressures of growing up, what’s ‘cool’ and what’s not, what’s important and what’s trivial. They know how to advise. Our teachers are leaders in their academic fields. Our teachers know what learning is.


La Lucia
North Coast