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Crawford Pretoria
Crawford Pretoria
Crawford Pretoria

Welcome to Crawford Pre-Primary Pretoria

Our school is highly regarded and it always makes me proud to hear consistently positive feedback from our visitors. One of the most critical factors of any successful school is the staff.  The team at Crawford Pretoria Pre-Primary work collaboratively together to meet the needs of the children.

Walt Disney once said “you can dream, create, design and build the most wonderful idea in the world, but it requires people to make the dream a reality”. The

learning experiences, projects, events and functions that have taken place this year could not have happened without the commitment and support I receive from my staff, and you the parents.

I would like to thank the teacher assistants who provide support for our children and teachers, doing jobs well beyond the call of duty, and the administrative and support staff for their contributions to the smooth running of the school. I want to thank all our teachers. They have been able to assist, organise and plan something outside their classroom delivery that has added to the fabric of the school community. Some were involved in sports organisation, others in charity drives, curriculum development, developing ICT, as well as providing musical and cultural activities. All areas of the curriculum and beyond are covered. Our teachers work extremely hard for all your children…

Contact Us

555 Sibelius Street, Lukasrand, Pretoria

Tel: (012) 343-5903
Fax: (012) 343-5225

School Hours

Grade 000    08h00 – 12h30
Grade 00      08h00 – 12h30
Grade 0        07h50 – 13h00

Age Requirements

Grade 000    Age 3 – 4
Grade 00      Age 4 – 5
Grade 0        Age 5 – 6