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Welcome to Crawford Pre-Primary La Lucia

At Crawford La Lucia Pre-Primary, we believe in educating our children for life. Our unique, innovative and child focused methodology is central to our teaching where the academic philosophy of THINK, UNDERSTAND AND APPLY is the foundation. The children of today are facing a very different world and one that is continually changing. We believe in encouraging and facilitating the acquisition of skills that will allow the child to overcome any challenges and indeed thrive in this fast paced environment.

Principal's Message

As I drive into the school grounds each morning I smile. The trees, the mongoose, the birds and indeed the monkeys all help to create our beautiful La Lucia Campus. With the three schools built on a natural Conservancy it is the most perfect learning space!

The children entering our school today will emerge from the College into a very different world in which to continue learning, work and live. We need to understand these differences and tap into how are children are making sense of their world while equipping them with a strong knowledge base, set of skills and values.

In La Lucia Pre-Primary we aim to facilitate exploration, discovery and thinking while creating many opportunities for learning through play.We focus on problem – solving where the child is encouraged to explore a variety of options before settling on a workable solution. We believe our children need to develop emotional courage and resilience in overcoming a challenge and grow a strong sense of self.

Our teachers have been chosen with great care and besides being excellent educators; they have a deep commitment to understanding each child’s needs. We look forward to a close relationship between home and school while encouraging parent participation in following their child’s progress as they begin their exciting journey of learning that continues throughout their school years and indeed through life!


Sue Pilkington-Williams


The programme at Crawford La Lucia Pre-Primary is based on a value system and interactive collaborative learning. Our academic philosophy of “Think, Understand and Apply” is evident in our group work, project based activities and social and emotional guidance.
Belief in oneself is encouraged, promoting self-assurance, confidence and independence. Expertise, commitment, innovative ideas and methodologies of our staff encapsulate the dynamics of our educational philosophy.

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